Color Grading

Color Grading is both creative enhancement and technical quality assurance for every kind of video content. It allows a film to successfully transport the DoP’s and Director’s vision to the screen and from the screen to the audience. Color Grading can emphasise emotions and lets you tell truly beautiful stories. It also ensures that your video content is presented at its best through every medium.

As a Senior Colorist, I’m usually involved in the three main stages of film production:

  • Pre-Production - when camera choices have to be evaluated and the first looks have to be crafted
  • Production - when picture quality has to be controlled and the camera department requires consultation
  • Post-Production - when the final images have to be graded and mastered for the best visual experience

I like to work closely with the Director of Photography, the Director and everybody else involved, to keep feedback loops tight and to quickly create a common color language.

My color grading environments of choice are Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve and FilmLight’s Baselight. The exact color grading workflow is always dependent on the individual project then. ACES? VFX? T-LOG? RCM? LOG-C? LUTs? RAW? Whatever we need!

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