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Felix Hüsken BVK, AAC, CSI
Freelance Colorist

I'm a Film Colorist, Display Calibrator and Consultant, based in Cologne and Vienna.
I sometimes also talk and write about my work.
Check out my Vita and always feel free to contact me.
I’m a member of the BVK, AAC and CSI.

Skills and Services:
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve and Filmlight Baselight Color Grading for HDR and SDR presentation.

High-end DCI Cinema & Display Calibration with LightSpace CMS, JETI SpectraVal 1511 Spectroradiometer and Colorimetry Research CR-100 Tristimulus Meter.

Training and Consulting for Color Grading Projects, HDR Workflows, Color Management Pipelines and more.
My hands on DaVinci Resolve's Advanced Panel. Color Grading is both creative enhancement and technical quality assurance for every kind of video content. It allows a film to successfully transport the DOP’s and Director’s vision to the screen and from the screen to the audience. Color Grading can emphasise emotions and lets you tell truly beautiful stories. It also ensures that your video content is presented at its best through every medium.

As a Senior Colorist, I’m involved in the three main stages of film production:
  • Pre-Production - when camera setups are evaluated and we craft first looks
  • Production - when image quality is monitored and I consult the camera department
  • Post-Production - when we grade the picture lock for the best visual experience

    I like to work closely with the Director of Photography and everybody else involved, to keep feedback loops tight and to quickly create a common color language.

    Timeline view of one of my Baselight projects. My color grading environments of choice are Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve and Filmlight Baselight. The exact color grading workflow is always dependent on the individual project then. ACES? VFX? T-LOG? RCM? LOGC? LUTs? EXR? RAW? Whatever we need!

    Logos of DaVinci Resolve and Baselight.
    Please contact me for further information.
  • My calibration setup in a grading suite. The most important tool of a Colorist is a properly calibrated reference monitor or projector. Without it, color grading is just not possible in any serious way. While many modern displays are capable of accurately reproducing standard color gamuts and gamma curves, even high-end devices still need to be calibrated regularly to be used for color critical work.

    As a professional Colorist I believe that I have to know my tools and how to set them up. So it was important to me to gain thorough knowledge of display calibration as well. After participating in Kevin Shaw’s display calibration training in London, I moved on to acquire the isf display calibration certification in Amsterdam. Ever since, I confidently offer calibration services to my clients.

    Please go ahead and contact me for further information about my display calibration services.
    Two calibration probes measuring color patches off a screen.
    People at a Color Grading workshop. I offer a variety of consulting and training services, tailored specifically to my clients’ needs.

  • 1-on-1 Colorist Coaching
  • Color Grading Workshops
  • Color Management Training
  • Post-Production Workflow Consulting
  • HDR Workshops
  • Grading Suite Setup Consulting
  • Monitor and Projector Calibration Training

    Please contact me to discuss an individual package for you.

    A projected video glitch from overloading DaVinci Resolve's GPU memory. Here are a some workshops which I have given in the past:

    DaVinci Resolve Basics Training:
    Learn the main features of Blackmagic Design’s color grading software, as well as important theoretical and technical knowledge about digital video.

    DaVinci Resolve Advanced Training:
    Go deeper into DaVinci Resolve’s settings, workflows and specialist tools, like ACES color management, LOG grading and the RGB mixer.

    HDR Training:
    High Dynamic Range video offers amazing creative possibilities and it is here to stay. Learn about the different HDR formats like Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG as well as their workflows to create your own HDR content.

    Adobe Premiere Pro Basics Training:
    In this workshop I teach post-production workflows, media management and editing basics using Adobe’s editing application, as well as color grading with the Lumetri color panel.

    Adobe After Effects Basics Training:
    Learn how to create motion graphics and VFX compositings using this powerful and popular tool. We go into keyframe animation, motion tracking, greenscreen keying and more.

    Stop-Motion Animation Basics Workshop:
    A fun workshop for young adults, teaching them the amazing art of stop-motion animation using the industry standard software Dragonframe.

    A waveform monitor showing a trace of a human. Selection of Workshops and Lectures:
    "HDR - What was that again?" Discussion Panel @ EuroCineExpo Munich 2024 (w/ Dirk Meier)
    "AMPAS - ACES 2.0" Discussion Panel @ EuroCineExpo Munich 2024 (w/ Miga Bär, Alex Forsythe, Steve Tobenkin, Eric Chérioux, Roberto Schaefer)
    Color Grading HDR and Dolby Vision @ IAMA Halle 2024
    HDR from Set to Post @ Filmakademie Wien (w/ Kitty Scharinger, Christian Saure) 2023
    AI & Cinematography Lecture @ EuroCineExpo Munich 2023
    On-Set HDR Workflows @ EuroCineExpo Munich (w/ Kitty Scharinger, Christian Saure) 2023
    HDR for DOPs and Directors @ BVK + BVR Frankfurt (w/ Dirk Meier) 2023
    "Protect your Creative Intent with ACES" Discussion Panel @ Camerimage 2022
    "Who supports the DOP?" Discussion Panel @ Camerimage 2022
    DaVinci Resolve Basics @ HS RheinMain 2014 - 2022
    ACES Color Grading Lecture @ HS Hannover 2022
    Baselight for DaVinci Colorists @ Filmlight Berlin 2021
    Color Grading Masterclass @ setUP media Stuttgart 2019
    Display Calibration Basics @ DFFB / UP.GRADE Berlin 2016 - 2019
    DaVinci Resolve Workshop @ DFFB / UP.GRADE Berlin 2016 - 2018
    DaVinci Resolve Advanced Class @ DFFB / UP.GRADE Berlin 2016
    Color Grading Introduction @ Filmhaus Bielefeld 2013 - 2018
    Stop-Motion Animation Workshop @ FSJ Kultur 2012 - 2014
  • While I’m a colorist at heart and color grading is my preferred business, I occasionally do take on other work as well. Here are a few of those other professional activities:

    My DIT cart on the shoot of RUSH. Digital Imaging Technician for the pick-up shoot of Ron Howard’s “RUSH” in Cologne (DOP: Anthony Dod Mantle).

    A still from an animated edutainment video. Art Director for animated educational films with Laufende Bilder.

    Live broadcast manager for Blizzard Entertainment’s “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria” launch event in Cologne. Supervising three camera operators, one video operator and technical/IT staff, while coordinating with the event director and management.

    Me wearing a green screen suit, pushing a puppet. Stereo 3D compositing artist and supervisor for the puppet film project “Mortimer” with 58Filme.

    Furniture designer of the truly ergonomic DaVinci Resolve color grading desk with Erhard Giesen at FARBKULT post-production.

    The EDL Spy logo.
    Software developer of the EDL Spy media consolidation tool.

    Project Manager of various international video productions for BOSE with pixel2motion.
    Stop-motion animation consultant for a Cannes Film Festival video with Anke Engelke.
    On-set Sony Playstation 3 consultant and “Burnout: Paradise” operator for the feature film “Bastard”.

    So, I guess feel free to contact me for other things apart from color grading as well if you like ;-)
    An artsy underwater picture of me while apnea diving. Hi! I’m Felix and among other things, I like music synthesizers, pinball, paragliding and freediving.

    I graduated from the University of Bielefeld in Germany with a Bachelor of Arts in “Media Design and Informatics”, focusing on digital video production and post-production.

    After a period of working in production management, I decided to do post-production full-time. I started as a motion graphics, VFX and 3D CGI artist, but quickly moved on to work as a movie Colorist, with generous support from FARBKULT post-production in Cologne.

    An article about my EDL Spy software in Professional Production magazine. In the following years, I developed the media consolidation software EDL Spy as a side project, which is now being used literally all over the world, in post houses and film schools big and small.

    Another milestone was the acquisition of the isf display calibration certification, which lets me provide yet another important service to my clients with confidence, while also making me a better Colorist.

    And to further prove my dedication to digital cinema, I was accepted into the German Society of Cinematographers (BVK) and Colorist Society International (CSI) in 2016 and into the Austrian Association of Cinematographers (AAC) in 2023.

    An exploding car scene on my color grading monitor. After working on dozens of feature films, documentaries and commercials, video post-production and its continuously evolving challenges remain my passion more than ever. I’m excited for what the future has in store and I'm sure it isn’t going to get boring!

    Thanks a lot for visiting my website, have a great day and see you soon!
    - Felix
    Felix Hüsken (he/him) - Freelance Colorist
    Everhardstr. 51
    50823 Cologne

    Phone: +49 176 21520159

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    Poster for the film Sterben, by Matthias Glasner.Poster for the film Falscher Bekenner.

    Memory Wars (Documentary Cinema, DOP Hajo Schomerus)
    Sterben (Feature Cinema, DOP Jakub Bejnarowicz)
    New Dawn Fades (Feature Cinema, DOP Peter Zeitlinger)
    Falscher Bekenner (Feature Cinema, DOP Bernhard Keller, Grading Digital Cinema Version)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Falle (Feature RTL, DOP David Hofmann, HDR)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 - Sterbensschön (Feature RTL, DOP David Hofmann, HDR)


    Poster for the Paramount+ series Eine Billion Dollar.Poster of the Amazon Prime series Die Therapie.Poster for the Amazon Prime series Perfekt Verpasst.Poster of the film Los Delincuentes.

    Perfekt Verpasst (Series Amazon, DOP Claire Jahn, HDR)
    One Trillion Dollars (Series Paramount+, DOP Yoshi Heimrath, Dolby Vision HDR)
    Die Therapie (Series Amazon, DOP Sten Mende, HDR)
    Zwei zu eins (Feature Cinema, DOP Martin Langer, HDR)
    Trunk (Feature Amazon, DOP Daniel Ernst, HDR)
    Drift [Season 2] (Series Sky, DOP Ngo The Chau, Dolby Vision HDR)
    Tatort - Unter Gärtnern (Feature WDR, DOP Mathias Prause, HDR)
    Los Delincuentes (Feature Cinema, DOP Alejo Maglio)
    Eher fliegen hier UFOs (Feature WDR, DOP Olaf Hirschberg)
    Harter Brocken - Der Goldrausch (Feature ARD, DOP Paul Pieck)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 - Väter und Töchter (Feature RTL, DOP Marcus Stotz, HDR)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 - Bedingungslos (Feature RTL, DOP Marcus Stotz, HDR)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 - Hoffnung (Feature RTL, DOP David Hofmann, HDR)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 - Von der Wiege bis ins Grab (Feature RTL, DOP David Hofmann, HDR)


    Buba (Feature Netflix, DOP Yoshi Heimrath, Dolby Vision HDR)
    Fool Me (Documentary Paramount+, DOP Till Vielrose, Dolby Vision HDR)
    MSV - Mein Herz schlägt numa hier (Documentary Series RTL+)
    Big Mäck: Gangster and Gold (Documentary Netflix, DOP Borris Kehl, Dolby Vision HDR)
    King of Stonks (Series Netflix, DOPs: Leena Koppe & Borris Kehl, Episodes 3-6, Dolby Vision HDR)
    Tatort - Pyramide (Feature WDR, DOP Mathias Prause, HDR)
    Wild Argentina (Documentary Series National Geographic, DOP Christian Baumeister)
    Theatre of Violence (Documentary Cinema, DOP Kacper Czubak)
    Tatort - Love is Pain (Feature WDR, DOP Philipp Sichler, HDR)
    Olaf Jagger (Documentary Cinema, DOP Hajo Schomerus)
    Hinter guten Türen (Documentary Cinema, DOP Jennifer Günther, Consulting)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 - Unversöhnlich (Feature RTL, DOP David Hofmann, HDR)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 - Machtlos (Feature RTL, DOP David Hofmann, HDR)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 - Schutzlos (Feature RTL, DOP David Hofmann, HDR)
    Die Füchsin - Game Over (Feature ARD, DOP Markus Schott)
    Die Füchsin - Alte Sünden (Feature ARD, DOP Markus Schott)


    Blood Red Sky (Feature Netflix, DOP Yoshi Heimrath, Additional Color Grading, Dolby Vision HDR)
    How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) [Season 3] (Series Netflix, DOP Kristian Leschner)
    Liebe, D-Mark und Tod (Documentary Cinema)
    Montag kommen die Fenster (Feature Cinema, DOP Patrick Orth, Grading Digital Cinema Version)
    Total Thrash - The Teutonic Story (Documentary Cinema, DOP Daniel Hofmann)
    Jagdsaison (Feature Cinema, DOP Andreas Berger, HDR)
    Colonia Dignidad (Documentary Netflix, DOP Johannes Straub, Episodes 1-5)
    We Are All Detroit (Documentary Cinema, DOP Uwe Schäfer)
    Alles in bester Ordnung (Feature Cinema, DOP Niklas Lindschau)
    Loving Highsmith (Documentary Cinema, DOP Siri Klug)
    Harter Brocken - Der Waffendeal (Feature ARD, DOP Paul Pieck)
    Pan de limón con semillas de amapola (Feature Cinema, DOP Marc Gomez del Moral)
    Pan liebt Echo (Short Film, DOP Felix von Muralt)
    Ein Wahnsinnstag (Feature ARD, DOP Claire Jahn)
    Hyperland (Feature ZDF, DOP Hajo Schomerus)


    Fireball (Documentary Apple TV+, DOP Peter Zeitlinger, Dolby Vision HDR Consultant)
    Stowaway (Feature Netflix, DOP Klemens Becker)
    Je suis Karl (Feature Cinema, DOP Frank Lamm)
    Die Schule der magischen Tiere (Feature Cinema, DOP Wolfgang Aichholzer)
    How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) [Season 2] (Series Netflix DOPs Jakob Berger & Yoshi Heimrath)
    Die Zukunft ist ein einsamer Ort (Feature Cinema, DOP Mathias Prause)
    Die Füchsin - Romeo muss sterben (Feature ARD, DOP Sebastian Bäumler)
    Die Füchsin - Treibjagd (Feature ARD, DOP Sebastian Bäumler)
    Kontrolle (Short Film, DOP Jakob Berger, HDR)
    Zuhurs Töchter (Documentary Cinema)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 (Series RTL, DOP Marcus Stotz, Episodes 377, 378, 387, 388)


    Bad Banks [Season 2] (Series arte/ZDF, DOP Ngo The Chau, HDR)
    Auerhaus (Feature Cinema, DOP Frank Lamm)
    A Machine To Live In (Documentary Cinema, DOP Andrew Benz, HDR)
    Deutschstunde (Feature Cinema, DOP Frank Lamm, HDR)
    Nachspiel (Documentary Cinema, Christoph Hübner)
    Bruderliebe (Documentary Cinema, DOP Timm Lange)
    Harter Brocken - Der Geheimcode (Feature ARD, DOP Kristian Leschner)
    This Is Not a Movie (Documentary Cinema, DOP Duraid Munajim)
    Der Alte und die Nervensäge (Feature ARD, DOP Mathias Prause)
    Die Füchsin - Schön und tot (Feature ARD, DOP Eva Testor)
    Die Füchsin - Im goldenen Käfig (Feature ARD, DOP Eva Testor)
    Alte Bande (Feature WDR, DOP Andrés Marder)
    Alarm für Cobra 11 (Feature RTL, DOP Marcus Stotz, Episodes 372, 373, 374)
    Die rote Kapelle (Documentary Cinema, DOP Lutz Reitemeier)
    Szenen meiner Ehe (Documentary Cinema, DOP Katrin Schlösser)


    Wir wären andere Menschen (Cinema ZDF, DOP Jakob Berger, HDR)
    Searching Eva (Documentary Cinema, DOP Janis Mazuch)
    Wintermärchen (Cinema Cinema, DOP Benjamin Loeb)
    Riders of Destiny (Documentary Cinema, HDR)
    Easy Love (Feature Cinema, DOP Janis Mazuch)
    The Whale and the Raven (Documentary Cinema, DOP Athan Merrick)
    Unter Wasser (Short Film, DOP Jan Merlin Friedrich)
    The Green Gold of Africa (Documentary Cinema, DOP Matteo Keffer)
    The War on my Phone (Documentary Cinema, DOP Jakob Stark)
    Justice_Dot_Net (Feature Cinema, DOP Jerzy Palacz)
    Our Child (Feature WDR, DOP Bernhard Keller)
    Fasse dich kurz! (Documentary Short, DOP Florian Pawliczek)
    Die Füchsin - Spur in die Vergangenheit (Feature ARD, DOP Eva Testor)
    ARD - Vorabend-/ Hauptabendidents 2019 (Station ID ARD, DOP Olaf Hirschberg)
    ARD - Ident Tatort (Station ID ARD, DOP Olaf Hirschberg)
    Exkursion (Short Film, DOP Jan Merlin Friedrich, Color Grading Consulting)


    Bad Banks [Season 1] (Series arte/ZDF, DOP Frank Lamm)
    In My Room (Feature Cinema, DOP Patrick Orth)
    3/4 (Three Quarters) (Feature Cinema, DOP Julian Atanassov)
    Das Vaterspiel (Feature Cinema,DOP Attila Boa, Grading Digital Cinema Version)
    Allianz - Leben 2017 (Commercial, DOP Jakob Berger)
    Einwurf zwanzig Pfennig (Short Documentary, DOP Florian Pawliczek)
    Shut Up and Play the Piano (Documentary Cinema, DOP Marcus Winterbauer)
    Ultraslan (Documentary Cinema, DOP Henning Drechsler)
    Offene Wunde Deutscher Film (Documentary arte/WDR, DOP Hendrik A. Kley)
    Erich und Schmitte (Documentary Cinema, DOP Elí­ Roland Sachs)


    Paula (Feature Cinema, DOP Frank Lamm)
    Kokolampy (Documentary Cinema, DOP Hajo Schomerus)
    Invincible (Feature Cinema, DOP Peter Zeitlinger, Grading Digital Cinema Version)
    Jetzt.Nicht. (Feature Cinema, DOP Janis Mazuch)
    Der Mann von der Botschaft (Feature Cinema, DOP Benedict Neuenfels, Grading Digital Cinema Version)
    Die Diagnose: Bleifuß (Short Film, DOP Mirko Schernickau)
    Alpecin C1 - Nur 2 Minuten! (Commercial, DOP Jan Merlin Friedrich)
    Junges Licht (Feature Cinema, DOP David Slama)
    Die Kinder der Turnstunde (Documentary, DOP Florian Pawliczek)
    Erfrischt einzigartig (Short Documentary, DOP Florian Pawliczek)
    Geld macht Kunst (Documentary arte/WDR, DOP Jennifer Günther)
    Nur ein Tag (Feature Cinema, DOP Olaf Hirschberg)
    Der Chef ist tot (Feature ZDF, DOP Stephan Schuh)
    Walja (Short Film, DOP Borris Kehl)
    Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film (Documentary WDR, DOP Hendrik A. Kley)
    A mí (Documentary Cinema, DOP Caterina Klusemann)


    Rewind - Die zweite Chance (Feature Cinema, DOP Hendrik A. Kley)
    Haymatloz (Documentary Cinema, DOP Andreas Köhler)
    Die Frau mit der Kamera - Abisag Tüllmann (Documentary Cinema, DOP Rolf Coulanges)
    Ein Single in deiner Nähe (Short Film)
    The Other Half Of The Sky (Documentary Cinema, DOP Sven O. Hill)
    Die Füchsin - Dunkle Fährte (Feature WDR, DOP Frank Küpper)
    Maddins Experimentierclub (TV-Show, DOP Marcel Herrmann)
    Anrath (Short Film, DOP Dierk Fechner)
    Das Kloster bleibt im Dorf (Feauture ZDF, DOP Volker Tittel)
    Weiße Ritter (Feature Cinema, DOP KaPe Schmidt)
    Das letzte halbe Jahr (Documentary ZDF, DOP Andreas Köhler)


    Von der Beraubung der Zeit (Documentary Cinema, DOP Jörn Neumann)
    Atis (Short Film, DOP Benjamin Kracun)
    Dorma - WM 2014. The Trip to Brazil (Commercial)
    Morgen wird es schöner sein (Documentary Cinema, DOP Minchoel Wang)
    Der Weg nach Aleppo (Feature Cinema)
    Raumfahrer (Short Documentary, DOP Hajo Schomerus)
    1ha 43a (Documentary Cinema, DOP Stefanie Gartmann)
    Censored Voices (Documentary Cinema)
    Nice Places to Die (Documentary Cinema, DOP Olaf Hirschberg)
    Zwischen Sommer & Herbst (Feature Cinema, DOP Marcus Stotz)
    Alleine war gestern (Feature ARD, DOP Ralf M. Mendle)
    Ascension Day - Ausgelöscht (Feature Cinema, DOP Brian D. Goff)
    Mülheim - Texas. Helge Schneider hier und dort (Documentary Cinema, DOP Petra Lisson)
    Family Business (Documentary Cinema, DOP Justyna Feicht)


    Free Range (Short Film, DOP Jan Prahl)
    Bosteri unterm Rad (Short Film, DOP Fabian Klein)
    KHS AG - Bavaria Brouwerij Lieshout (Commercial, DOP Maximilian Hoever)
    Der große Demokrator (Documentary Cinema, DOP Janis Mazuch)
    Tempel der Emotionen - Das Maracana-Stadion in Rio de Janeiro (Documentary arte/NDR)
    Die innere Zone (Feature Cinema, DOP Carlo Varini)
    Der letzte Mentsch (Feature Cinema, DOP Felix von Muralt, Pregrading for festival submission)


    Mean, But Green - Bad Fellas (Commercial)
    Sense (Series Concept, DOP Alex J. Moll)
    Mean, But Green - Der Perverse (Commercial, DOP Fabian Klein)
    Mean, But Green - Der kleine Teufel (Commercial, DOP Felix Tonnat)
    Mean, But Green - Der Tod (Commercial, DOP Bine Jankowski)
    Radio Omega (Short Film, DOP Felix Tonnat)
    Ungeschminkt (Short Film, DOP Florian Pley)
    Caterpillar (Short Film, DOP Florian Pley)
    Mean, But Green - Brathänsel (Commercial, DOP Florian Pley)
    The Bench (Short Film, DOP Bine Jankowski)
    More Jesus (Documentary Cinema)
    Die Familie mit den Schlittenhunden (Documentary Cinema, DOP Hajo Schomerus)
    Alles wird gut (Documentary WDR, DOP Anna Mahendra)
    Paradise Cruise - The Unforgettables (Feature Cinema, DOP Florian Schilling)


    Balkon (Short Film, DOP Lars Kreyssig)
    Mes (Feature Cinema, DOP Ercan Özkan)
    Signa Mortis (Medium Length Film, DOP Ludwig Linnekogel)


    Frohes Schaffen (Documentary Cinema, DOP Steph Ketelhut)
    regionale2010 - Die Regionale 2010 im Flug (Commercial, DOP Magdalena Hutter)
    Taste the Waste (Documentary Cinema, DOP Roland Breitschuh)
    Telekom Streetgigs - Madsen (Concert ProSieben)